Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My goal is to to develop a marketing plan for my existing business. My reaction to the concepts introduced is hence more pragmatic then theoretical, more specific then general. I am an accidental entrepreneur with no academic business training whatsoever. I have never had a marketing plan, nor have I even taken a marketing class. Thus the learning curve has been, and presumably will continue to be, intense for me to say the least.

I have long thought that everything in life boils down to an economic trade. You are trading one thing of value in return for another thing that has more value to you. You trade money for products, time for activities, even emotions for reciprocal emotions.  Marketing is, in essence, part of that economic trade process. Marketing helps to define the value of the product and make the product itself desirable. Convincing you that the thing you are trading for is worth your resources. Thus marketing permeates all aspects of our lives not only are we being constantly marketed to but we are inherently also marketers.

The result is in order to consider marketing one must consider not only our individual lives but how those lives interact in society as a whole. Hence the discussion encompasses all the facets of life and society and as society changes so do the techniques for an effective marketing plan.

So, what are the portions and techniques that make up a marketing plan both traditionally, currently and in the future? How does the current state of society effect my particular business? Where are things now and where are we headed? How do I adjust the marketing plan for a business to business environment?  For small business environment? How can I harness the collective intelligence of the class to help make the most effective marketing plan for my business?

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